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Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction and purpose

This Privacy Policy tells you what will happen to any personal data that you provide to me as a result of using this website. The information is written for the benefit of general visitors to the website - if you are, or become, a client, I may process a wider range of personal data and deal with a broader range of privacy-related issues.  Where necessary further privacy related information will be provided as part of our contract.

  1. Personal Data you provide

By providing personal information such as your name and e-mail address via the forms on this website, you agree to me contacting you.

If the website is developed to include a mailing list option, you will be asked for express consent to being added to the mailing list.  I will not provide your information to a third party for the purposes of marketing.

  1. How I will use your Personal Data

I will use the data you provide via this website to communicate with you, for example: I may use contact details such as email address or phone number when responding to enquiries made via online forms.

I do not monitor website trends, for example I do not use Google Analytics.

  1. My lawful reasons for processing your personal data

The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 (together the UK DP legislation) defines your rights over my processing of your personal information. The UK DP legislation requires me to declare which of six lawful reasons I am relying on when processing your personal data: this will be either

consent when sending newsletters to which you have opted in, in writing, and

legitimate interest when communicating with you in other ways (e.g. when responding to an enquiry).

  1. Transfer of Personal Data

I do not presently contemplate giving your name and email address to a third party organisation to send emails but reserve the right to do so where you have agreed to this.  Your personal data will never be sold or transferred to an organisation outside the UK or the EU.

  1. Questions or complaints

In the first instance I hope you will contact me directly with any questions or complaints about my use of your personal data.  My contact details are displayed prominently on this website.  However, legal rights regarding use of personal data in the UK are the responsibility of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and you will find more information here: 

My ICO number is ZA023369.